Definition of special school in English:

special school


  • (in the UK) a school catering for children with special needs.

    • ‘Today he started in a special school for the deaf.’
    • ‘Her schooling has been at Elleray Park School which is a primary special school for children with complex learning difficulties.’
    • ‘Some children go to special schools for children with autism or learning disabilities.’
    • ‘60% of Special Educational Needs children are in mainstream schools, a figure that will increase as special schools are gradually closed.’
    • ‘He has little contact with his 15-year old brother, who attends a residential special school which helps severely damaged young people.’
    • ‘239 teachers from a dozen special schools in Ontario walked off the job on Monday.’
    • ‘The scheme aims to link two special schools and two mainstream schools.’
    • ‘He initially started at a mainstream school but was transferred to a special school within a term.’
    • ‘There are some 2,000 deaf children in schools - 1,650 in mainstream education and only 350 in special schools.’
    • ‘Her son goes to a special school and she seems to be worried that it might be closed down, and that he would have to be educated in a mainstream school.’
    • ‘It's a special school for children who are unhappy with their families and lives.’
    • ‘Children with more severe learning disabilities may attend special schools.’
    • ‘He remained in special schools for all his secondary schooling.;’
    • ‘He was in a special school, as opposed to a mainstream school until after grade 8.’
    • ‘Some special schools still exist, and there is no doubt that for many children with handicaps, they provide well the specialist care which is necessary.’
    • ‘He is a slow learner and must go in a special school.’
    • ‘He is educated at a special school.’
    • ‘Secondary schools are less successful than primary and special schools in using whole-school approaches to mental health promotion.’
    • ‘He's now 25, he's gone to a special school all his life.’
    • ‘The resources of a special school could be managed flexibly to meet the child's changing needs.’


special school