Definition of special edition in English:

special edition


  • An edition of a newspaper, magazine, television programme, etc. which differs from the usual format, especially in concentrating on one particularly important story.

    ‘a special edition of the Observer’
    • ‘Since then, Paramount has gone back and created two-disc special editions of the first four films.’
    • ‘The explosive testimony will be broadcast on Tuesday night in a special edition of RTE's Prime Time.’
    • ‘The measurement tool has not changed, but ABC can now measure bulk sales for special editions or sports editions.’
    • ‘Paramount is not a studio known for producing stunning special editions of their properties.’
    • ‘There is also a special edition available.’
    • ‘Universal has now brought both versions of Cape Fear to DVD in separate special editions worthy of the films' reputations.’
    • ‘It's not perfect, but the groundwork is solid enough that I have hope for future special editions.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that this film will be resurrected in a special edition format.’
    • ‘This documentary, directed by Laurence Green, has many of the features of a special edition DVD.’
    • ‘While not quite a special edition, the disc serves the public well.’
    • ‘Warner Brothers has done an excellent job with each of the titles, and they all rival any special editions you could find of classic studio films.’
    • ‘He was also involved editorially - as reviewer, editor of influential special editions and as researcher.’
    • ‘Often the product's drivers are not ready, special editions or in beta stage and testers are struggling to keep up with last minute updates.’
    • ‘Universal has now released Saboteur on DVD as part of its recent flood of Hitchcock special editions.’
    • ‘Fox Home Video is also set free for producing the best special edition discs of all the major studios.’
    • ‘Well, ‘Entertainment Weekly’ is releasing not one but six different special editions of the magazine with some of your favorite characters on the covers.’
    • ‘Cut back on flooding stores with special edition this and special edition that.’
    • ‘The more special editions I see, the more I am convinced the editor's first choice is usually his best.’
    • ‘Although the extras don't warrant a special edition stamp on the front, the disc is far from being bare-bones.’