Definition of special constable in English:

special constable


  • (in the UK) a person who is trained to act as a police officer on particular occasions, especially in times of emergency.

    ‘he had served as a special constable’
    as title ‘Special Constable Casey’
    • ‘The Executive is to invest 2m to pay special constables.’
    • ‘Under our plan, a team of special constables would be hired, trained and given powers to identify cabinet members.’
    • ‘An agent special constable comes over and guides him farther down the grass, the battery of cameras and microphones dutifully following.’
    • ‘There are of course some instances where security officers have the status of a special constable.’
    • ‘Mr Carr has been a special constable for 10 years.’
    • ‘An award-winning special constable with an outstanding arrest record has launched a landmark disability discrimination case.’
    • ‘This could be done by adding another part-time or full-time special constable.’
    • ‘As a volunteer special constable she gave up her own time on top of having a demanding job and raising her young family.’
    • ‘A special constable for 33 years, Bernice is now commandant but still finds time to volunteer as a classroom assistant and for Pets as therapy.’
    • ‘Though no war party appeared, large numbers of settlers were sworn in as special constables, just in case.’
    • ‘Now you're a special constable.’


special constable