Definition of special case in English:

special case


  • 1A situation or person that has unusual qualities or needs.

    • ‘Prostate cancer is a special case, because it's hormonally driven.’
    • ‘He hardly wore the hood, except for special cases like when we were riding last night.’
    • ‘There are special cases within the print media’
    • ‘I'm suspecting that science is a special case of reality.’
    • ‘What we have in this example is not a special case but a specially clear case.’
    • ‘Ray is a special case.’
    • ‘No compensation would be paid, except in a limited range of special cases.’
    • ‘Still, except for a few special cases, most films are made a certain way.’
    • ‘Not many comic books are judged worthy of this kind of treatment, but Marvels is a special case.’
    • ‘I had no illusion that I was somehow a special case for him.’
    • ‘I know that you have never had any reason to be mad, except for that one special case five years ago.’
    anomaly, irregularity, deviation, departure, inconsistency, quirk, peculiarity, abnormality, oddity
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  • 2Law
    A written statement of fact presented by litigants to a court.

    • ‘The special case came before Mr Recorder Jarvis sitting in the Weymouth County Court.’
    • ‘They are facts stated in the special case, your Honour.’
    • ‘The appellant's case there is that that arises only in a narrow category of special cases.’
    • ‘In terms of its status, it is material put before the Court in a special case.’
    • ‘It is a special case that merits the High Court's intervention.’