Definition of spear-thrower in English:



  • An Aboriginal stick used to throw a spear with additional force.

    ‘they hunted with a variety of implements including spear-throwers and nonreturning boomerangs’
    • ‘It occurred around 4,000 years ago, with such changes as the introduction of the spear thrower, and the arrival of the dingo.’
    • ‘"These are among the most elaborate spear throwers we've ever seen," he said.’
    • ‘During the Mesolithic, sophisticated hunting tools, including the spear thrower and the bow and arrow, were invented, the latter about 12,000 years ago.’
    • ‘Probably the most sophisticated device in general use is the spear thrower.’
    • ‘I can show you how to use a sling and a spear-thrower.’
    • ‘The spear that was thrown 42m had a light antler head and was thrown with the aid of a spear thrower.’
    • ‘He was born in full array with his shield and spear thrower.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the grave also contained numerous weapons, including two massive war clubs and 23 spear throwers.’
    • ‘They were adapted to running down prey before spear throwers or bows were invented.’
    • ‘It was probably developed in conjunction with the invention of the spear thrower.’