Definition of speaking of in English:

speaking of


  • Used to introduce a remark about a topic recently alluded to.

    ‘speaking of cost, can I afford to buy it?’
    • ‘Speaking of short, that's exactly what I am.’
    • ‘And speaking of images, we're not done with customizing this client.’
    • ‘So, speaking of Jeff, I take it this means I can tell him he's free to get married now you've found someone else?’
    • ‘And speaking of Napoléon, his first wife, the Empress Josephine, had a living collection of more than 250 types of roses in her gardens at Malmaison.’
    • ‘Speaking of riding, I want a word with the Dawn about the horses.’
    • ‘And speaking of invisibles planes, where's Wonder Woman's invisible plane?’
    • ‘And speaking of teams overstuffed with midfielders - Tottenham Hotspur appear finally to be moving towards closure on the Jermaine Jenas question.’
    • ‘Well, speaking of which, let's not keep him waiting.’
    • ‘Now, speaking of your first mission, would you like to brief me on the exact details?’
    • ‘So speaking of guitars, which one are you bringing to try-outs?’
    on the subject of, about, concerning, apropos of, with reference to, speaking of, with regard to, with respect to, regarding, as regards, relating to, respecting, in connection with, as for, re
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