Definition of speakeasy in English:



  • (in the US during Prohibition) an illicit liquor shop or drinking club.

    • ‘Speakeasies flourished and bootleg liquor flowed freely in many municipalities.’
    • ‘It's like wandering into a prohibition-era speakeasy.’
    • ‘The court will reconvene in the local speakeasy.’
    • ‘He believes it may have been used as a speakeasy in the 1920s.’
    • ‘The popular conception of Prohibition is that speakeasies abounded, gangsters and bootleggers of all sorts flourished, and every American gladly flouted the law.’
    • ‘Dick learned from the men that Abe North had been beaten to death at a speakeasy in New York.’
    • ‘His nightly path could be traced straight from the stage to the nearest speakeasy.’
    • ‘It was once a speakeasy and just before prohibition was repealed a bunch of boozers were massacred by cops during a raid.’
    • ‘Mae, though not averse to visiting the occasional speakeasy, preferred to drink at home.’
    • ‘These songs belong in a smoky speakeasy, slinking along the walls, chain smoking and breaking hearts.’
    establishment, restaurant, bar, club, nightclub
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