Definition of speak well (or ill) of in English:

speak well (or ill) of


  • Praise (or criticize)

    ‘the patients speak well of their doctors’
    • ‘He spoke well of Scotland and Scottish football.’
    • ‘Although you spoke well of Smith's collection of essays, you also said that you were unfamiliar with his science fiction works.’
    • ‘While educated Indians are inclined to think or at least speak well of the village, they do not show much inclination for the company of villagers.’
    • ‘However, that does not reduce her stature as a serious presidential candidate and speaks well of her determination to contest, in spite of odds being against her.’
    • ‘Would you hire a bricklayer because he spoke well of his craft; or would you check whether his walls stood up?’
    • ‘But the problem is that one side of this equation was always ignored in the effort to stamp out prejudice, and the side ignored was always the side that spoke well of the teller.’
    • ‘It was a speech that spoke well of multilateral action, postulating that there can and will be action.’
    • ‘After leaving school with good GCSEs he said she worked as a mobile hairdresser and was a woman that people spoke well of.’
    • ‘You always spoke well of him, and I remember you were always rising to his defence.’
    • ‘They are really great people who spoke well of Macalester.’