Definition of speak volumes in English:

speak volumes


  • (of a gesture, circumstance, etc.) convey a great deal without using words.

    ‘a look that spoke volumes’
    ‘his record speaks volumes for his determination’
    • ‘Kylara needed no words; her sad teal eyes spoke volumes.’
    • ‘His expression spoke volumes his words could not.’
    • ‘It was not the bond of a family, but the bond of those who knew each other so well that they could speak volumes without words.’
    • ‘Actions speak louder than words, and inaction speaks volumes.’
    • ‘She'd get into the habit of rooting around in charity shops (thrift-stores in America) for an outfit that spoke volumes in individuality and style.’
    • ‘Who needs fancy words when an effortless turn of inflection can speak volumes?’
    • ‘‘Don't bring my brother into this,’ Micah's tone was cold and spoke volumes more than the words themselves.’
    • ‘Many emotions were playing across Carly's expressive face, speaking volumes without saying a word.’
    • ‘Buffy stood up and walked toward Spike, and I could see how effortlessly her every gesture spoke volumes to him.’
    • ‘The look spoke volumes, volumes Zack couldn't grasp.’