Definition of speak up for in English:

speak up for

phrasal verb

  • Speak in support of.

    ‘there was no independent body to speak up for press freedoms’
    • ‘The older is more independent minded and can speak up for herself.’
    • ‘She was always a person who would speak up for what was right, even if feathers got ruffled.’
    • ‘What do we have to fear from speaking up for what we believe in?’
    • ‘Orwell spoke up for what he saw as common human decencies - but these decencies were politically marginal, and thus in a sense not common at all.’
    • ‘Jack Locke is a person who speaks up for what he believes in.’
    • ‘But I'm speaking up for all the other women he has betrayed with his so-called sexual bravado.’
    • ‘We were worried the decision was made in advance but a couple of the councillors spoke up for us.’
    • ‘But that doesn't mean you can't speak up for what you want.’
    • ‘To speak up for or defend animals who cannot defend themselves against abuse is not a crime, nor should it ever be one.’
    • ‘What small businesses need is a body that speaks up for their interests, freeing them to get on with the important job of widget fabrication and processing.’
    support, give one's support to, take the side of, side with, be on the side of, stand by, stand up for, take someone's part, be supportive of, be loyal to, defend, come to the defence of, champion, speak up for, fight for
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