Definition of speak (or talk) of the devil in English:

speak (or talk) of the devil


  • Said when a person appears just after being mentioned.

    • ‘His smile wasn't nearly as beautiful as Andy's, and then speak of the devil, in barges Andy!’
    • ‘There was a light knock on the door, speak of the devil.’
    • ‘There was a knock on the door; speak of the devil, Clarissa thought wryly.’
    • ‘Speaking of the devil, Matthew walked into the kitchen with his plaid boxers and black tee.’
    • ‘Speaking of the devil, Razi Rune, sister of a different mother, came through the flap of the tent.’
    • ‘‘Ah, talk of the devil,’ she announced when she had consumed her snack, nodding towards the van, where Dylan was looking around like he had absolutely no idea where he was.’
    • ‘And speak of the devil, there's Pat, and that dimwit Brock.’
    • ‘‘And speak of the devil,’ Bella nodded her head in the direction of an advancing figure.’
    • ‘Speaking of the devil, her mother decided at that time to come back with another opened can of tomato paste.’
    • ‘He, Joe, and Ivan, speak of the devil, appeared in the main hall.’