Definition of spare ribs in English:

spare ribs

plural noun

  • Closely trimmed ribs of pork.

    • ‘Afterwards, 80 people were invited for spring rolls, spare ribs, and lemon chicken.’
    • ‘His carrots are nice, his potatoes are nice, his spare ribs are nice, his fish is nicely browned.’
    • ‘The Fourth of July Bash includes a roast suckling pig, barbecued spareribs and charcoal-broiled steaks.’
    • ‘Our son loves to cook burgers or chicken and my husband is noted for his spare ribs.’
    • ‘I was the chef for dinner and could almost taste the spare ribs we had planned for that evening.’
    • ‘I like a rack of ribs, a spare rib and a sweet and soured ball.’
    • ‘If you've ever had spare ribs and found them too dry, try these lacquered ribs.’
    • ‘Barbecue spareribs were not on the menu at Base Camp.’
    • ‘New Yorkers discovered ‘real’ Chinese regional cuisine, but the spareribs have endured.’
    • ‘Tonight we had a great dinner, it was spareribs, mashed potatoes and shortbread for dessert.’
    • ‘Savor the steamed shrimp dumplings or pork spareribs.’
    • ‘The cook who served the spareribs returns with a carton of ice cream.’
    • ‘I was told that the more run-down the town, the better the music and spareribs.’
    • ‘Take a bite of his perfectly crusted, tender spareribs, and respect may turn to reverence.’
    • ‘But the crowd-pleaser is lusciously roasted baby loin of pork, accompanied not only by sauerkraut and apple compote but by smoked sausage and two spare ribs.’
    • ‘The crispy pork spare ribs, excited as I was to try them, didn't really deliver though.’
    • ‘The sweetness of his spareribs is tempered by toasted sesame.’
    • ‘Whenever I'm in crisis I just scream for Chinese spare ribs and chocolate cake.’
    • ‘A buffet breakfast served in the lounge drew early risers and light eaters, and an on-deck barbecue featured spare ribs, fresh Coho salmon, sausages, and burgers.’


Late 16th century: probably from Middle Low German ribbesper (by transposition of the syllables), and associated with the adjective spare.


spare ribs