Definition of spare no effort in English:

spare no effort


  • Do everything one possibly can in order to achieve something.

    ‘we will spare no effort to secure the release of the captives’
    • ‘She was a woman who spared no effort to further the cause she believed in.’
    • ‘In Sligo we are fortunate to have fine coaches, who spare no effort in the preparation of athletes for national competition.’
    • ‘In the itinerant persecution of Christians he spared no effort to stifle the spread of the gospel.’
    • ‘The directors of almost all the parks are sparing no effort to draw in visitors with new attractions.’
    • ‘Private organizations promoting judicial reform also spared no effort to help.’
    • ‘A winner all the way was coach/trainer Mary Morrissey who spared no effort at training sessions to both teams.’
    • ‘Early last July, Economy Minister Nikolai Vassilev said the Government had spared no effort to help the owners immediately resume operation.’
    • ‘Predictably, China will spare no efforts to block the process.’
    • ‘Addressing a UN forum in Brasilia on Tuesday night, Silva vowed to spare no effort in the fight against corruption.’
    • ‘Apart from personnel relocation, Huang also spared no effort to improve the work environment for the design team.’