Definition of spare me days! in English:

spare me days!


  • Used as an exclamation, especially of exasperation.

    ‘spare me days, not here!’
    • ‘Spare me days, this is a great game for anybody else with plenty of money.’
    • ‘Spare me days, I hope he's not getting paid by the point!’
    • ‘'Spare me days, you must have had it done to you some time!'’
    • ‘Spare me days, I'll never forget it!’
    • ‘"God spare me days! Is it you, then, chum?" exclaimed Ted.’
    • ‘He dropped his tucker-bag and said, "Well, spare me days”.’
    • ‘Spare me days, girl, it's not as simple as that!’
    • ‘"Spare me days," said the bloke. "I bet that lot stunk after a while?"’
    • ‘"Spare me days if it's not Mrs Gough," he exclaimed, thrusting out a great, grimy paw.’
    • ‘'Well! Spare me days!' he shouted with a wide grin. 'Where did you spring from?'’