Definition of Spanish guitar in English:

Spanish guitar


  • The standard six-stringed acoustic guitar, used especially for classical and folk music.

    • ‘I had been playing the Spanish guitar for 20 years when I came across folk harps in 1987.’
    • ‘The use of the Spanish guitar and matchless beats make it a masterpiece.’
    • ‘Their latest album gleefully tears up the rule book, setting glittering Spanish guitars against squelchy bass lines, jaw-rattling rap and propulsive break-beats.’
    • ‘Although they both owned cheap Spanish guitars from an early age, the acoustic virtuosos began their legacy with electric guitars in a heavy metal group.’
    • ‘The Amernet foursome evoked the vibrancy of Spanish guitars, the throbbing energy of urban street life, and the subtlety and poetry of a great fresco.’
    • ‘As of this morning, I intend to become accomplished on Spanish guitar.’
    • ‘Twinkling Spanish guitars, chunky piano chords and electro bass form an unlikely relationship that still solidifies into a proper head-bobbing groove.’