Definition of spam filter in English:

spam filter


  • A piece of software that processes incoming emails so as to prevent spam from reaching a user's inbox.

    ‘my spam filter caught your email’
    • ‘A study by a market research firm found more than one-third of e-mail users surveyed said desired e-mail was getting blocked by spam filters.’
    • ‘If you have good spam filters you may not have seen the growing wave of spam that promises thousands of dollars for doing nothing.’
    • ‘Our spam filter had been compromised.’
    • ‘Even the best spam filters allow junk through and intercept some legitimate mail.’
    • ‘More than once, I had to purge my spam filter and reboot in order to send and receive e-mails.’
    • ‘You can install anti-virus software, or spam filters, or anything else you can think of.’
    • ‘Over-aggressive spam filters often mean that legitimate emails do not make it through, which has a detrimental effect on business.’
    • ‘Tougher laws and improved spam filters can help cut down on spam reaching your inbox, but it's likely to keep coming as long as there are suckers willing to respond.’
    • ‘They tightened their spam filter.’
    • ‘Firms may also have a spam filter on its e-mail servers to manage questionable items, such as newsletters, which may or may not be requested by employees.’