Definition of spaghetti western in English:

spaghetti western


  • A western film made cheaply in Europe by an Italian director.

    • ‘Curiously, although he was a most notable producer of garlic gangsters he disapproved of Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns.’
    • ‘It was as if they'd walked directly into a spaghetti western; the piano stopped, the bartender ducked behind the bar and one could almost hear the six shooters sliding out of their holsters.’
    • ‘The film's soundtrack is similar, referencing Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns with three Ennio Morricone songs.’
    • ‘His spaghetti westerns are the defining films of the western genre.’
    • ‘Anime, spaghetti westerns and exploitation movies are all referenced.’
    • ‘The title of the famous spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leonne would perhaps sum up how the police have been portrayed over the years in Malayalam movies.’
    • ‘Cinemas were flooded with a wide variety of pulpy movies, including spaghetti westerns, police thrillers, and sex comedies, many of which were cheaply produced and churned out by less-than-talented individuals.’
    • ‘Outside of Leone's spaghetti westerns this brutal film is the spaghetti western of choice!’
    • ‘This movie took the spaghetti western into a more serious territory.’
    • ‘The screenwriter/director openly acknowledges his debt to some of his favourite movie genres, including anime, spaghetti western, and kung-fu.’
    • ‘If the 1960s was the decade of the spaghetti western and the 1970s belonged to the bloated disaster movie, this decade has been conquered by the most unlikely of Hollywood genres: the documentary.’
    • ‘He's been compared to the Clint Eastwood character in the spaghetti westerns, but he's much more expansive and endearing.’
    • ‘It is basically his homage to all the old school spaghetti westerns, samurai flicks and even Japanese animation films of the past, of which Tarantino is a huge fan.’
    • ‘Whether scoring spaghetti westerns or Italian shock, Morricone's trademark seems to be a sound of individualistic spirit, the loner with a distinct purpose.’
    • ‘The movie never quite figures out how to make the spaghetti western motif work.’
    • ‘At the height of his powers, Leone co-scripted and directed two of the most emblematic of the spaghetti westerns.’
    • ‘Like many of the spaghetti westerns, Compañeros is difficult to pigeonhole.’


spaghetti western