Definition of spag bol in English:

spag bol


  • Spaghetti bolognese.

    • ‘I first made spag bol in home-ec classes at school and was regularly called upon by my family to make it for dinner.’
    • ‘It is time to go beyond spag bol to make the most of spaghetti's shape, smooth texture and innate sauce-absorbing quality.’
    • ‘I have a perfectly acceptable spag bol I made on Friday in the freezer.’
    • ‘I'm sure everyone knows how to make spag bol, but I've got cooking it down to an art.’
    • ‘A crisp ten pound note gets you two meals from a selection of lasagne, spag bol, chicken tikka massala, bangers and mash, veggie burger, and a bottle of the wine of the month.’
    • ‘Tuna and couscous brings a welcome break from spag bol.’
    • ‘My spag bol was served ‘ready mixed’ with the spaghetti well-tossed in the orangey-red sauce.’