Definition of spadefoot in English:


(also spadefoot toad)


  • A plump, short-legged burrowing toad with a prominent sharp-edged tubercle on the hind feet, native to North America and Europe.

    Family Pelobatidae: several genera, including Scaphiophus (of America) and Pelobates (of Europe), and several species, in particular P. fuscus

    • ‘The toad doesn't really need us to make him a home, both the spadefoot and Colorado river toad can excavate burrows almost three feet deep.’
    • ‘However, Eastern spadefoot toads, which have a very short developmental period prior to metamorphosis, did not show any increase in corticosterone over an hour of confinement.’
    • ‘Female spadefoots have ample opportunity to choose mates and can use male call features to assess species identity and quality of potential mates.’
    • ‘Tadpoles of both Couch's spadefoot toad and the Western spadefoot toad accelerate metamorphosis in response to pond drying.’
    • ‘Of all the creatures on the Carrizo, the endurance champion of the underworld is the spadefoot toad.’