Definition of spade guinea in English:

spade guinea


  • A guinea of George III's reign with a spade-shaped shield on the reverse.

    • ‘As you rightly say, the imitation spade guineas dated 1797 were used as gaming counters.’
    • ‘After managing to prize it open with an iron bar she discovered a hoard of 200 spade guineas, so called because they featured a ‘spade’ shaped shield on them.’
    • ‘Note that the obverse is quite different from that of the spade guinea even though both picture George III.’
    • ‘The second, with a rather ugly design, became known as the spade guinea because of the spade-like shape of the shield, and it is now the cheapest of all the guineas.’
    • ‘During recent alterations a treasure trove of golden spade guineas were found beneath the hearth of the western fireplace in the lounge bar.’