Definition of spade beard in English:

spade beard


  • An oblong-shaped beard.

    • ‘Photographs of Buley in his fifties showed keen eyes beneath prominent eyebrows, his bald head balanced by a neat George V moustache and spade beard.’
    • ‘He was a huge figure of a man, with a black spade beard, broad, thick hands, and square, flat fingers.’
    • ‘Beguiled by Trebitsch's spade beard and stream of talk, Theodor tries to impress Trebitsch by boasting of his service in the regiment of a Prince the doctor has mentioned.’
    • ‘Welch was a short portly figure but extraordinarily impressive with his high forehead, whitening mustache, and spade beard.’
    • ‘He is medium built, slim and muscular, with a spade beard and a patient, intelligent face.’
    • ‘A trim, energetic figure whose ready smile is framed by a meticulously barbered spade beard and clean upper lip, Osheroff grew up in the small logging town of Aberdeen.’
    • ‘My cabbie had a long spade beard and a black turban.’
    • ‘He had been a good-looking guy, he thought, leather-dark skin but aquiline features: hooked nose, thin lips, a little spade beard.’
    • ‘My grandfather stood six foot three inches in his socks, sporting a huge spade beard which repelled me at the good-night kiss, smelling as it did of whisky and tobacco.’
    • ‘There was, as later, the cathedral beard, the spade beard, the stiletto beard, and there was an extraordinary curled tuft which resembled a corkscrew.’
    • ‘A slight and now slightly podgy figure, with a big white spade beard, dressed in dusty black and trademark bandana, he and his band seemed somehow dwarfed by the large apron stage hung only with a Texas flag.’
    • ‘He was a colorful figure, with a full head of silver hair, huge mustachios, a large grizzled spade beard, and an easy-going style of dress that made him look more like a farmer than an Old Army regular.’
    • ‘Their spade beards and miles of gold braid struck me as a little over the top.’
    • ‘The men, for the most part, appeared to be average, well-to-do Parisians, with well-trimmed spade beards or carefully groomed mustaches.’
    • ‘So this short chunky man turns up with a bristling brown spade beard and an extremely worn droopy Balinese sarong, scuffed cloth Chinese slippers, a green army shirt, rather right over his portly frame, and a blue blazer which looks as though he's had it since prep school.’
    • ‘Sprague was tall, immaculately dressed, distinguished with his dark hair and spade beard.’