Definition of spacewoman in English:



  • A female astronaut.

    ‘Britain's first spacewoman, Helen Sharman, carried the Olympic torch’
    • ‘We think she might be taking her spacewoman role in Future's video for Real and True a bit too literally.’
    • ‘She was the first Indian-American spacewoman to have tried and triumphed.’
    • ‘She has her brother-in-law to thank for finding a real-life astronaut to serve as her consultant on new movie Gravity after striking up a conversation with the spacewoman's sibling.’
    • ‘In one scene, the heroic spacewoman's stiff upper lip speech is a little more dramatic than the one in the subtitles.’
    • ‘The astronaut who secretly helped star Sandra Bullock to play the character of rookie spacewoman Dr Ryan Stone has stepped forward, revealing how she shared her experiences with the film star by telephone and email while orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station.’
    • ‘China has taken "full measures" to protect the health of the country's three astronauts, including one spacewoman, who are to participate in a manual space docking mission.’
    • ‘At the 1991 student Olympics, Britain's first spacewoman, Helen Sharman, carried the torch but fell over, extinguishing the Olympic flame in the process.’
    • ‘She's excellent as the resourceful spacewoman, as are the special-effects and the cinematography.’
    • ‘A bulkily suited spaceman and spacewoman veer, swoop, and swerve in woozy slo-mo as they go about their business tethered to the station, like foetuses still attached to their umbilical cords.’
    • ‘Bosses at Nasa allowed the actress to call Cady Coleman while she was researching her role in hit new sci-fi drama Gravity, but she didn't think she'd actually get the chance to chat to the spacewoman.’
    • ‘This is a science-fiction video game about a spaceman (or spacewoman) and lots of monsters.’