Definition of spaceport in English:



  • A base from which spacecraft are launched.

    • ‘The space community also argues that new spaceports will be online to handle the rush of new launch companies.’
    • ‘California and Oklahoma are still benefiting from the influx of hope that came when they were settled and it is those two places that the first private spaceports are rising.’
    • ‘Flight 152, the next launch from Europe's spaceport, is scheduled to take place on 5 June.’
    • ‘Facilities for the public at Mojave on June 21st were a bit basic, and will need to improve at all spaceports, because this new era of space flight will succeed or fail depending on the way the public perceives the experience.’
    • ‘He noted that the company has had discussions with New Mexico and Florida about setting up operations at spaceports in those states.’
    • ‘Some day there may be a different operator at each of dozens of spaceports around the country.’
    • ‘He also worked to develop the spaceport and range technologies to improve safety and reduce the cost of access to space.’
    • ‘In the United States alone over a dozen states, including inland states such as Idaho and Oklahoma, have expressed an interest in developing spaceports for future reusable launch vehicles.’
    • ‘VIPs in attendance at the spaceport could see the video on a big screen.’
    • ‘Back in the early 90's there was an attempt to establish a spaceport in Hawaii.’
    • ‘At around 50,000 feet the spaceship will return to a glider-like configuration for the landing back at the spaceport.’
    • ‘Around the world, steps have been taken to develop commercial spaceports, some at sites of established launch facilities and others unrelated to existing facilities.’
    • ‘It is the only civilian test flight center and just one of a handful of spaceports.’
    • ‘Desert spaceports and dusty workshops cluttered with rocket nozzles and airframes have sprung up across California and Canada.’
    • ‘Exploring Mars requires no miraculous new technologies, no orbiting spaceports, and no gigantic interplanetary space cruisers.’
    • ‘This meant that it must develop launchers and have its own spaceport.’
    • ‘Some of these technologies are already being tested or used at other spaceports, or are commonly used elsewhere for missile launches, but the Eastern Range is somehow slow to adapt.’
    • ‘The mission would blast off from Kourou spaceport in French Guiana in 2011 aboard a Soyuz launcher.’
    • ‘In the late 1990s regional and state officials seized on a new use for the base: as a spaceport.’
    • ‘The US would have to station inspectors at each and every spaceport or launch facility worldwide.’