Definition of space cadet in English:

space cadet


  • 1A trainee astronaut.

    • ‘White teeth, square jaws and perfectly coiffed tresses are the order of the day for both sexes in this film, as a group of brave youngsters sign up to become elite space cadets and save their world.’
    • ‘Hey, I'm not gonna have my future space cadet be late for training.’
    1. 1.1 An enthusiast for space travel, typically a young person.
      • ‘For those space cadets who, like myself, witnessed the event on television, the spirit of those pioneers will live on, whatever the fallout from the latest tragedy.’
  • 2informal A person regarded as being out of touch with reality.

    ‘it's not surprising that the British rock press has her down as a major space cadet’
    • ‘And if one more person around me calls me a space cadet, I'm going to smack him.’
    • ‘He cast himself as a sort of acoustic space cadet, a folksy psychadelicist who tries to hard for weird chords and lets-scream-this-all-together humanist anthems.’
    • ‘He's a bit of a space cadet but he has fantastic energy, a great physique and is fast.’
    • ‘Rachel isn't the right woman for him, but Jude is probably too much of a space cadet.’
    • ‘At this, a beatific, lights-on-but-no-one-home smile spreads across the space cadet's face.’
    • ‘It is a huge misconception that experiencers are gullible, fantasy prone, space cadets.’
    • ‘I was such a space cadet, deep in thought but thinking of nothing most of the time.’
    • ‘He's a total space cadet if he thinks we can track down a fictitious character.’
    • ‘You were totally in another universe, you space cadet!’
    • ‘Olivia is a nice woman, but a bit of a space cadet, always kind of frazzled and forgetful, rushing to and fro.’
    • ‘What was it like to try to pin them down, because they both, kind of, come off as space cadets and give these long, rambling answers?’
    • ‘But Ashley is still the space cadet that we know and love.’
    • ‘The questions seemed designed, as they say, for airheads and space cadets - absolutely unfair to the contending ladies, among whom were students, bank clerks and wannabe lawyers.’
    • ‘Sometimes she could be a little bit of a space cadet, but that was only because of her attention deficit disorder, which was kept in check by the meds supplied by her mother every morning when she woke up.’


space cadet