Definition of soz in English:



  • Sorry (used to express apology)

    ‘soz, I forgot’
    • ‘Day off on Thursday, too busy to write yesterday. Soz.’
    • ‘Soz about the bad spelling and grammar on my last post but it's down to lack of sleep and me being a lazy sod.’
    • ‘Soz it's been so long since I've updated.’
    • ‘I don't have a clue. Soz.’
    • ‘Soz Ana, but this post isn't actually about you.’
    • ‘When she returned the next day to take him home, she was confronted with a sign on the door which read: "Dear Amy, Soz, couldn't wait for you, had to go out."’
    • ‘Soz but I love getting to the action quickly.’
    • ‘Soz, can't seem to get a link - cut and paste, cut and paste.’
    • ‘Soz for makin ya all wait for updates!’
    • ‘Soz, I've lost the receipt.’
    • ‘Soz it's been ages since I've posted.’
    • ‘April 27th, 2010 at 3:44 am: soz, hit submit twice!’
    • ‘I didn't mean that to sound so snarky. Soz.’
    • ‘Soz if this chapter took a while, but had exams.’
    • ‘Soz guys, I feel bad for pestering you all to read my blog.’
    • ‘Soz, I was outside and I kinda forgot about the time.’
    • ‘Soz about that!’
    • ‘Soz, if you already tried these guys.’
    • ‘Soz, Rhoda, I think I created a bizarre link to you, but it's better now.’
    • ‘No action in this chapter either, soz!’


1990s: alteration of sorry.