Definition of soybean in English:



  • A bean of the soya plant; a soya bean.

    • ‘This technology can benefit the Ohio soybean industry by increasing the use of soybeans as a food product.’
    • ‘The big processors, he notes, use soybean to boost the protein content of baked goods, breakfast cereals, weaning foods, and dairy products.’
    • ‘Protein extracts of soybean and soymilk contain several different estrogen-like substances called isoflavones.’
    • ‘Nielsen and Ritchie are focusing first on improving the oil and protein content of soybeans.’
    • ‘The pesticides under question are found in a variety of foods ranging from sugar to soybeans.’
    • ‘GE corn and soybeans are fed to animals, so it's in our beef, our pork, our chicken and our milk.’
    • ‘A new food product using soybeans is now being sold in Manitoba.’
    • ‘In addition, they reported that nonGM wheat is replacing GM corn and soybeans in their food products.’
    • ‘From this domesticated version, the Chinese created the soya bean, which they used as a source of bean sprouts, milk, sauces, flour and cooking oil.’
    • ‘For meals between breakfast, lunch and dinner, she creates her own trail mix with dried fruit, roasted soybeans and a high-fiber cereal.’
    • ‘Soy-based formulas contain the proteins found in soybeans rather than those found in cow's milk.’
    • ‘Common genetically altered foods are soybean, corn, canola and dairy products.’
    • ‘Those allergic to soybeans must avoid eating foods containing its proteins.’
    • ‘Higher protein soybeans will produce higher protein meal, which would be desirable for feed.’
    • ‘My question is, why use so many resources to grow soybeans to feed animals to feed people, when we could simply be eating these mild, nutty, nutritious beans directly?’
    • ‘Small amounts of plant sterols (they're also called phytosterols) occur naturally in pine trees and foods like soybeans, nuts, grains, and oils.’
    • ‘The best sources of isoflavones are roasted soy nuts, soy flour, soy grits, textured soy protein, cooked soybeans, soymilk, tempeh and tofu.’
    • ‘Despite the growing organic food business and protests of anti-G.M. food groups, Americans already eat lots of genetically modified food, mostly soybeans and corn.’
    • ‘Dr. Daniel makes a big mistake by thinking of soybeans, soy protein, and finished food products like tofu and soymilk as being one and the same.’
    • ‘Most corn and soybeans are fed to animals, so consumers likely eat meat and poultry from animals raised on GE feed.’