Definition of soya milk in English:

soya milk


mass noun
  • The liquid obtained by suspending soya bean flour in water, used as a fat-free substitute for milk, particularly by vegans.

    • ‘For children suffering from lactose or milk proteins intolerance, soya milk is promoted as the best alternative.’
    • ‘At nine I have breakfast - muesli with soya milk.’
    • ‘Sauces made from tomatoes, onions and olive oil or white sauces made from soya milk and cornflour were suggested as an accompaniment to evening meals.’
    • ‘I have to use soya milk because I became allergic to dairy milk when I was a child.’
    • ‘If you don't drink cows milk or eat dairy products, you can get calcium from soya milk and yoghurts with added calcium, and from leafy green vegetables.’
    • ‘I had mine made with soya milk as I was keen to try it, but it's just as lovely with skimmed cow's milk.’
    • ‘They cannot imagine a world without soya milk, bean sprouts and instant coffee, and seem unable to appreciate that their brave new world is recent, superficial and unsustainable.’
    • ‘Mrs Harrison reckons things have changed significantly since the 1980s when she bought her first packet of soya milk.’
    • ‘My vegan-friendly chocolate pie was made with organic cocoa, soya milk and rice flour.’
    • ‘Milk, cheese, free-range eggs, yoghurt, soya milk, tofu, beans, cereals and grains are a few of the options, while good sources of energy include lentils with vegetable oil, avocado, cheese or smooth nut butter.’
    • ‘Live yoghurt, sweetened soya milk and soft fruit, such as strawberries or raspberries, make a popular drink for kids, especially if served in an interesting glass with a straw.’
    • ‘His parents first realised something was wrong soon after Matthew was born because he couldn't keep milk down and eventually had to be fed soya milk.’
    • ‘However, evidence suggests that consuming more of certain foods, including tomatoes and soya milk, may help reduce the risk of this disease.’
    • ‘A typical day started with breakfast of soya milk, oat bran cereal with chopped fruit and almonds, oatmeal bread, vegetable-based margarine and jam.’
    • ‘For breakfast I'll have porridge with soya milk and fruit, sprinkled with some ground cinnamon.’
    • ‘I don't like dairy products and drink soya milk - at first I found it disgusting but I grew to like it.’
    • ‘Drinking soya milk, however, is not an alternative.’
    • ‘I'm not over-enthusiastic about cow's milk and believe that non-dairy substitutes such as soya milk are better for many people.’
    • ‘For those who suffer a strong allergic reaction to cow's milk or follow a vegan diet, soya milk has always been an important option.’
    • ‘I'd have soup for dinner or breakfast but I usually have cornflakes in the morning with the unsweetened soya milk.’


soya milk