Definition of soya meal in English:

soya meal


mass noun
  • The residue of soya bean seeds after the extraction of their oil, used as animal feed.

    • ‘In the year under review, the first consignments were delivered of this soya meal produced in Brazil.’
    • ‘The soya meal is used in animal feed which is supplied to poultry farmers.’
    • ‘Testees, he says, were given GE soya meal to see whether genetically engineered DNA passed through the body or whether it transferred to gut bacteria.’
    • ‘This growth is already leading to higher levels of demand for sunflower meal, and especially soya meal.’
    • ‘Whether it's beef, lamb, bacon or processed chicken, it is highly likely that the meat comes from an animal reared on a diet based on soya meal.’
    • ‘The soya meal is then mixed with roasted wheat meal in a ratio of 70% soya solids to 30% wheat solids.’
    • ‘The aim of this article, therefore, is to discuss the importance of soya meal in the diet of ostriches in terms of its beneficial effects on growth and development.’
    • ‘The company has a strong position as a supplier of soya meal to the Norwegian and Swedish feed industries.’
    • ‘On the 27 December 2000, Greenpeace protested against a shipment of soya meal from the United States, likely to be genetically engineered.’
    • ‘They imported 5000 tonnes of processed soya meal from Argentina, where apparently 99% of soya grown was of the resistant variety.’
    • ‘The side effect of having too much soya meal is that excessive fat is not healthy to the animals.’
    • ‘India's soya meal exports have shown spectacular growth in the April-August period this year.’