Definition of sox in English:



North American
  • non-standard plural spelling of sock (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘I'd always close my eyes then open them again to see if the intruder was there going through my sox again.’
    • ‘She took her shoes and sox from the side of her bed, and put them on.’
    • ‘She slipped off her sox and shoes and made her way down the little path through the patch of trees.’
    • ‘The stench was appalling: an amalgam of unwashed bodies, dirty sox, and rotten food.’
    • ‘He had changed his blue T-shirt to a white one and was in his boxers and sox.’
    • ‘I've never seen a pair of sox with toes in them before.’
    • ‘Long ‘shorts’ and white sox pulled up to his knees (in the old British colonial style), covered most of the rest.’
    • ‘I really don't want to find sox right now, way too much trouble.’
    • ‘This method wears out the sox about four times faster than usual, so advise your customer to buy several identical pairs so he can dump the stretched ones and still have plenty to mix n’ match.’
    • ‘I found the adventurous sox, they were hiding inside the duvet cover.’