Definition of sowthistle in English:



  • A Eurasian plant with yellow flowers, thistle-like leaves, and milky sap.

    Genus "Sonchus", family "Compositae"

    Also called milk thistle
    • ‘In South Dakota, perennial sowthistle is concentrated in the northeast and eastern areas of the state.’
    • ‘No insect biocontrol agents are presently available for perennial sowthistle in Washington.’
    • ‘Many people mistakenly group the annual and perennial sowthistles into two species rather than four.’
    • ‘Perennial sowthistle is common in cultivated areas, ditch banks, meadows, and neglected areas.’
    • ‘Also, the leaf margins of spiny sowthistle are much more spiny or prickly than those of annual sowthistle.’