Definition of sowbug in English:



North American
  • another term for woodlouse
    • ‘There was mold on the bathroom floor, persistent carpet odors in the bedrooms and the frequent appearance of sow bugs along the walls.’
    • ‘Decomposing organisms consist of bacteria, fungi, and larger organisms such as worms, sow bugs, nematodes, and numerous others.’
    • ‘Fifty-cents worth of mesh was all it took to keep those pesky sow bugs from taking up residence!’
    • ‘The children's trays began to fill with mayfly nymphs, aquatic sow bugs, and the larvae of blackflies, caddis flies, and bloodred midges.’
    • ‘One nontermite host of Arthromitus that my colleagues and I examined in depth was the common sow bug, Porcellio scaber.’