Definition of sowbread in English:



  • A cyclamen with pale pink or white flowers and leaves that do not appear until late summer after flowering, native to southern Eurasia.

    Cyclamen hederifolium, family Primulaceae

    • ‘We can also found the rare purple sowbread here, as well as martagon lily, and sweet mezereon.’
    • ‘In winter and early spring, one can see an abundance of a delicate sowbread Cyclamen abchasicum; in mid-spring grape hyacinth Muscari dolichanthum and star of Bethlehem Ornithogalum arcuatum catch the eye.’
    • ‘If you wanted something brighter, you could look at a mix of the sowbreads, Cyclamen hederifolium and Cyclamen coum.’
    • ‘Among the interesting forest plant species are for instance the rose sowbread, and the mighty stalks of the false hellebore.’
    • ‘From March to June we see an incredible carpet of flowers in the woods (sowbreads, periwinkles, anemones and many others).’


Mid 16th century: so named because the roots are reputedly eaten by wild boars in Sicily.