Definition of sow one's wild oats in English:

sow one's wild oats


  • Engage in a period of wild or irresponsible behaviour while young, especially involving many casual sexual relationships.

    ‘he sowed his wild oats before settling down’
    • ‘Unfortunately there is still the unspoken understanding that young men are allowed to sow their wild oats.’
    • ‘I have left him several times in order to sow my wild oats.’
    • ‘She was almost ten years younger than Mom and Uncle Ray, and she was still ‘sowing her wild oats’.’
    • ‘Life was ‘full and merry’, perhaps selfish and debauched, with heavy use of the double standard as young men ‘sowed their wild oats’.’
    • ‘The next summer he sows his wild oats, but tries to maintain a ‘friendship’ with me.’
    • ‘There's a view that you should sow your wild oats and not marry until you're 30, but I disagree with that.’
    • ‘In this case, it is probably for the best that they sow their wild oats when they are young.’
    • ‘The second week of hot weather heralded the coming of mini-skirts, short shorts and halter tops and of course, the mating calls of the testosterone filled males who were just itching to sow their wild oats.’
    • ‘men with a roving eye have been sowing their wild oats far and wide for millennia, new genetic evidence suggests.’
    • ‘Anybody who has walked downtown on a weekend evening probably has a good idea that countless young American students regularly visit to sow their wild oats.’