Definition of Sovereign Grant in English:

Sovereign Grant


  • (in the UK) the allowance provided annually by the government to support the Queen in her official duties, which replaced the Civil List in 2011.

    • ‘From January, the Royal family will receive 15 per cent of the profits of the Crown Estate as a Sovereign Grant.’
    • ‘The helicopter costs will be covered by the sovereign grant.’
    • ‘The cost of keeping the monarchy fell by £1.8 million last year under the new sovereign grant system to be introduced by the Government, Buckingham Palace accounts show.’
    • ‘Spending from the sovereign grant rose by £2.4 million to a £35.7 million total’
    • ‘The Sovereign Grant will hit 40 million pounds in April 2015.’
    • ‘It is a way of managing and adding to the budget of the Sovereign Grant over the next three years.’
    • ‘The Queen’s income from the taxpayer will rise because of a deal linking the Royal Household’s Sovereign Grant from the Government to 15 per cent of the profits of the Crown Estate property portfolio.’
    • ‘The Queen now receives a Sovereign Grant to spend as she wishes on her residences and official duties.’
    • ‘One of the richest women in the country, with a "personal net worth" of £340m, is to get an increase in her "sovereign grant" of 5%.’
    • ‘Expenditure during this Diamond Jubilee year will require the use of reserves as the first year of the Sovereign Grant provides for funding of only £31 million.’