Definition of souvlaki in English:



mass noun
  • A Greek dish of pieces of meat grilled on a skewer.

    ‘a generous plate of souvlaki’
    count noun ‘souvlakia in pitta’
    • ‘A generous dose of this thick, garlicky spread addressed the dryness of the pork and chicken souvlaki nicely.’
    • ‘More money means you can order the double souvlaki with extra meat and garlic sauce.’
    • ‘But don't expect traditional Greek fare like skewers of chicken souvlaki, tzatziki and rice pilaf.’
    • ‘Try the full plate pork souvlaki: tender pork, oregano-spiked Greek salad, warm puffy pita, rice, and aromatic tzatziki-topped lemon potatoes.’
    • ‘You don't smash plates here, as you would in a bazoukia restaurant, and with an Italian in the kitchen you're more likely to find risotto di mare or penne arrigato on the menu than the more traditional moussaka or souvlaki.’
    • ‘The menu includes favourites such as souvlaki, gyros, spanakopita, dolmathes and, of course, desserts.’
    • ‘There was a strange feeling in his stomach that had nothing to do with the souvlaki he'd had to try and wake himself up at lunch.’
    • ‘I was craving souvlaki and did not want to hassle with having it delivered.’
    • ‘The issue that interests me most on a personal level concerns the battle for the best souvlaki, between two stores located within 50 metres of each other on opposite sides of Lygon Street.’
    • ‘Name a neighbourhood and chances are it has its own Parthenon-styled eatery, complete with the requisite souvlaki, tzatziki and calamari.’
    • ‘Hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki, moussaka, souvlaki - all the greatest hits are present and correct in Aberdeen's only Greek restaurant.’
    • ‘When I get there she's got souvlakia, feta and ouzo’
    • ‘For $21.99 per person you can sample a dozen items off the menu, which includes souvlaki, moussaka and Adriatic shrimp.’
    • ‘With a variety of food such as souvlaki, Greek salad, humous, spanokle pita and a deliciously sweet baklava for desert, Laurin was proud to dish it out to the waiting lineup.’
    • ‘The scientists from Glasgow University were astounded at how quickly tzatziki, souvlaki and Greek salads were replaced with burgers, fish suppers and Scotch pies.’
    • ‘The main part of my diet consists of fish and meat, such as the traditional souvlaki meat eaten in pita bread.’
    • ‘The souvlaki was among the best I've had, but that's because souvlaki is usually considered a lowbrow dish, rarely receiving the opportunity to be made from top-quality ingredients and grilled with the utmost patience over a low flame.’
    • ‘It was a great party, the champagne flowed, the souvlakis sizzled and the fireworks display was, well, spectacular to say the least.’
    • ‘Beef and chicken souvlaki are first-rate kebabs, with appealingly scorched edges and juicy interiors.’
    • ‘The food is uniformly good international fare supplemented with Greek specialties such as moussaka, souvlaki, marinated octopus, stuffed vine leaves, salads with feta cheese, and sweet desserts like baklava.’


Modern Greek.