Definition of southernwood in English:



  • A bushy artemisia of southern Europe.

    Artemisia abrotanum, family Compositae

    Also called lad's love
    • ‘Southernwood grows in a dryish soil and in full sun.’
    • ‘The heat brings out the scents; not just the crambe, but the dry undertang of artemisias and southernwood, and the bold, voluptuous wafts from lilies, roses and nicotiana.’
    • ‘For example, southernwood or wormwood planted around the border of the garden may discourage aphids from entering.’
    • ‘Many herbs can help to deter flies, such as lavender, sweet woodruff, lemon verbena, star anise, tansy, any of the mints, rosemary, bay, chamomile, rue, elder, southernwood and basil.’
    • ‘Southernwood rarely persists after cultivation and is not an important member of plant communities in the United States.’