Definition of southern in English:



  • 1attributive Situated in the south or directed towards or facing the south.

    ‘the southern hemisphere’
    • ‘This is the largest archaeological site in southern Iraq, situated east of the present course of the Euphrates.’
    • ‘At issue is a pocket of land at Recherche Bay on Tasmania's southern coast.’
    • ‘The dining hall went past my quarters towards the southern side of the building.’
    • ‘It stands on a rocky shoreline on the southern coast of Gibraltar, just a few miles away from the African continent.’
    • ‘Along this portion of coast we have some of the most diverse and rich bird life on the southern African coast.’
    • ‘Agadir, on the Atlantic coast of southern Morocco, is a modern town of no particular distinction.’
    • ‘It spawns in the Indian Ocean south of Java and then migrates around Australia's southern coast.’
    • ‘It wasn't until I got back home that I figured out what makes the southern coast unique, in this island at least.’
    • ‘Sheep once again graze the surrounding hillside and shiny new tractors work the fields near the southern coast.’
    • ‘Rescue crews were heading toward Margate, on the southern English coast, where they hoped to let the whale back out to sea.’
    • ‘In fact it is situated about halfway between Sommières and the southern coast of France.’
    • ‘Singapore is situated at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula to which it is connected by a causeway carrying a road and railway.’
    • ‘A large number of new hotels are being built along the southern coast.’
    • ‘The monastery of St. Naum is situated at the southern end of the lake, in the striking natural environment.’
    • ‘It has lost strength, but it's still on track to make landfall near the southern Texas coast.’
    • ‘It juts out into the water like a finger pointing at the southern Maine coast.’
    • ‘To the east lies the wild promontory of Portofino, whose southern coast is accessible only on foot or by sea.’
    • ‘We turned off the freeway into southern Nevada and on towards our final destination for the day, the town of Williams, Arizona.’
    • ‘Travelling towards the southern city of Galle, one can see plenty of evidence of the lack of any reconstruction.’
    • ‘This too has been a cause of congestion as Market Street narrows towards its southern end.’
    southerly, southwardly, meridional, antarctic, polar
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    1. 1.1 (of a wind) blowing from the south.
      ‘the warm southern wind’
      • ‘There was a mild southern breeze and it had a unique odor of sandalwood.’
      • ‘The southern wind had begun to pick up, clear evidence that a storm was coming.’
      • ‘Fragrant southern breezes blow down from the mountain tops, and north winds, dampened by the lake, are cool.’
  • 2Living in or originating from the south.

    ‘the southern rural poor’
    • ‘It seems we are already somewhat more sophisticated in our rural debate than our southern cousins.’
    1. 2.1 Relating to or characteristic of the south or its inhabitants.
      ‘a faintly southern accent’
      • ‘Nancy had a very thick southern accent, and was very active in the church.’
      • ‘I noticed he was a good head taller than Jeff was, and he had a slight southern accent.’
      • ‘The speech, delivered in a southern accent, trembling with indignation, was the biggest hit of the convention.’
      • ‘At first there were slips in the southern accent, but by the end he could've fooled anybody with it.’
      • ‘The soft curse is given a certain punch by the distinctive southern accent that goes with it.’
      • ‘His voice was rough with a southern accent only noticeable from certain words and his slight drawl.’
      • ‘I drew out my southern accent, making Ellie giggle and breaking a bit of the tension.’
      • ‘Nathan had to admit that hearing her slight southern accent was enough to put a smile on his face.’
      • ‘He remembered how when she was angry, her southern accent appeared, ever so slightly.’
      • ‘She had even changed her accent, hiding her southern drawl with a British crispiness.’
      • ‘He has a girlfriend over there, laps up every moment of the warm weather and has even softened his accent with the hint of a southern drawl.’
      • ‘One of the girls is Doreen who has bleached blond hair, blue eyes and a southern accent.’
      • ‘Ricky continued in his thick southern accent as he shook his head in annoyance.’
      • ‘Crane spoke with a hint of a southern accent but commanded respect nonetheless.’
      • ‘The woman on the phone had the strongest southern accent; it made me want to laugh.’
      • ‘The robber was six feet tall with black hair and had a southern accent and a yellow fluorescent coat.’
      • ‘Russell himself is a Yorkshireman - although you wouldn't know it from the refined southern accent.’
      • ‘Police want to trace two men and a woman who spoke with a southern accent and were seen in a number of pubs the night before the burglary.’
      • ‘Ciara is friendly, with a southern accent that sends the end of each sentence scurrying upwards.’
      • ‘It wasn't that Mr Prince wasn't funny, it was just that he had such a strong southern accent that we couldn't understand a word he said.’


Old English sūtherne (see south, -ern).