Definition of southerly buster in English:

southerly buster


  • A sudden strong, cool wind from the south, especially on the south-east coast.

    ‘a southerly buster was dumping reservoirs of rain at the time’
    • ‘Sailing his nineteen-foot racing yacht home through a southerly buster, he is swamped by a fierce gust of wind and in grave danger of losing his boat’
    • ‘We were well into the southerly buster, and the new wind was coming from the southeast.’
    • ‘Usually there is little cloud or warning of an approaching southerly buster.’
    • ‘Fire authorities are on high alert as the record heat and strong winds combine ahead of a southerly buster due to reach Sydney late on Thursday evening.’
    • ‘Late in the day, as the front passed, the very strong southerly buster set in.’
    • ‘Southerly busters would see him out, warm tea with a slosh of whisky in a bottle assisting in the bitter wind.’
    • ‘I saw the southerly buster get hold of him and drive him down with his hand to his head, his shoulders braced, and the tails of his coat blown hard against his legs.’
    • ‘There is the guy who puts out in a hot-water boat at the height of a southerly buster, just in case someone is in trouble.’
    • ‘It was about then that the southerly buster struck: it was the wildest wind and seemed to come from nowhere.’
    • ‘He fell from a tree while rescuing a kite entangled by a southerly buster.’