Definition of southerly in English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1In a southward position or direction.

    [as adjective] ‘the most southerly of the Greek islands’
    [as adverb] ‘they made off southerly’
    1. 1.1(of a wind) blowing from the south.
      [as adjective] ‘a southerly gale’
      [as adverb] ‘the wind had backed southerly’
      southern, southerly, southwardly, meridional, antarctic, polar
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  • A wind blowing from the south.

    ‘the salt spray in the southerlies would rattle like hail on the windowpanes’
    • ‘Then grouse lifted, to be swept away by a strong southerly.’
    • ‘A southerly on Sunday gave the opportunity for a longer north lake course.’
    • ‘However, with global warming the high pressure systems are stronger and southerlies find it harder and harder to penetrate over the South Island.’
    • ‘The building certainly felt warmer after spending 20 mins on the side of the road in the southerly.’
    • ‘Perhaps even more outstanding - because of the timing - were the snowfalls of 19 November 1992: virtually on the eve of summer, strong southerlies brought snow to many southern wheatbelt areas.’
    • ‘But after a week of glorious weather, in which this sort of sunset action was de rigueur, a nasty southerly blew in on Sunday, scarpering plans the family had had for a big walk in the Tararuas.’
    • ‘The small craft, with some 60 people on board, really ‘rocked and rolled’ on the way across into the slight swell of a light southerly.’
    • ‘The three races held on Day One were sailed in a strengthening southerly, with a big sea causing many capsizes and a lot of aching bones.’
    • ‘Once the fleet had cleared Cyprus well to the west and out of sight of the island, they heaved into the prevailing southerlies and raced to the coast of Africa.’
    • ‘Of course, the excitement is dependent upon the wind and lately it has been shifting between the customary north-easterlies and southerlies.’
    • ‘The weather forecast says cold southerlies, showers and icy temperatures will continue in the South Island for most of the week.’
    • ‘Only from October to March is it possible, thanks to gentler southerlies, to sail northwards and then only as far as Jiddah, on the Arabian coast.’
    • ‘Every waking moment was occupied with sea lore, boat handling, safety at sea, sailing theory and hands-on experience in the light-to-moderate southerlies which prevailed during the week.’
    • ‘Their responsibilities were lightened somewhat by the perfect conditions prevailing, with clear skies, slight seas and a moderate 10-knot southerly.’
    • ‘Last weekend saw good weather until about mid-day Sunday, when the southerlies set in once more.’
    • ‘Most likely at this time of year is a southerly in which case the competition will be at Suffolk Park near Gaggin Park.’
    • ‘I'd rather have the sea breezes, which is what we do get, we get a nice southerly.’
    • ‘The conditions were as perfect as only Mother Nature can make them: moderate, steady southerlies reaching about 15-knots by mid-afternoon, warm water and a most pleasant - if a little hot - ambient temperature.’
    • ‘If you were to ask me, I'd probably label it a nor'wester, and if pressed, suggest that there might be a southerly on the way.’