Definition of South Asia in English:

South Asia

proper noun

  • The southern part of Asia, in particular India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

    • ‘About 41 per cent of these are Filipinos while 12 per cent are South Asians.’
    • ‘We still do not have an explanation for excess deaths from coronary heart disease in South Asians, but several plausible hypotheses have been generated.’
    • ‘Filipinos have their own way of doing hip-hop as do South Asians.’
    • ‘The importance of triglyceride concentration also requires clarification in young men, women, and groups such as South Asians among whom abdominal obesity is prevalent.’
    • ‘However, little is known about the charts' predictive validity in high risk groups such as South Asians, Polynesians, or African Americans.’
    • ‘The rise of South Asians into the Asian mainstream has helped reinforce such thinking, she says.’
    • ‘Bangladeshis are the most recent immigrant group among South Asians in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Newcomers from all over - particularly South Asians - join in droves, which anybody can do as long as they bring $100 and their equipment.’
    • ‘One American contractor confirmed that South Asians had been brought in to handle at least some jobs with security implications.’
    • ‘While many of the advocacy groups are composed of second generation Asians or South Asians, others are collaboration between second and first generation groups.’
    • ‘Consumption of meat and other animal products is conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, obesity and several types of cancer, as well as diabetes - which is also on the rise among South Asians.’
    • ‘Nor has it helped that there just isn't enough data about the specific health problems of South Asians, let alone Indian Americans.’
    • ‘Companies are just not creating enough jobs, despite intense pressure to hire Saudis instead of South Asians and other expatriates.’
    • ‘In the population as a whole the trend to smaller families continues although South Asians, and particularly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, tend to have more children than other ethnic groups.’
    • ‘In the first half of the twentieth century, urban centers were dominated by South Asians and Europeans, while Fijians were considered essentially a rural people.’
    • ‘The question about the location of South Asians within Asian America is, inevitably, left open-ended.’
    • ‘Today more than 80 percent are of Turkish or Lebanese origin, although South Asians and Indians from Fiji are also represented.’
    • ‘Why do you make a distinction between South Asians and Asians?’