Definition of south-westward in English:


(also southwestwards)


  • Towards the south-west.

    ‘the governor sent two companies of foot soldiers south-westwards’
    • ‘The centre of Sinhalese and Buddhist civilization gradually shifted south-westwards, and political power was divided between a number of kingdoms.’
    • ‘If one starts at the terminal site at Bellanaboy, the initial stretch of the haul route is along the R314 south-westwards to the junction with the L1204.’
    • ‘The area is drained by several major rivers: the Welland and the Nene which flow north-eastwards to the Wash; the Avon running south-westwards to join the Severn; and the Sence running north to join the Trent.’
    • ‘Populations from Scandinavia, the former Baltic States and north-west Russia head south-westwards towards this country.’
    • ‘They mobilized the smaller gentry and the commons against the traditional, hostile nobles, beat the Comyns at Inverurie, then wheeled south-westwards and beat John of Lorne at Brander in the autumn of 1308.’
    • ‘It may have been forgotten, given the comical levels of hype and expectation surrounding his move south-westwards, but there is still business to be done on the pitch.’
    • ‘Furious denials are plentiful, but he may yet again have to turn its gaze south-westwards.’
    • ‘In June 1940, when the embassy fled south-westward, she took her family down to a boat for England and then turned back herself to help France.’


  • Situated in, directed toward, or facing the south-west.

    ‘the south-westward extension of the valley’
    • ‘In this case sedimentation is dominated by an oceanic current, the south-westward flowing Agulhas Current that impinges on the shelf.’
    • ‘Serious British strategic interest in the Ottoman empire began in the late 18th century when it was hoped that the Turks would act as a barrier to Russia's southern and south-westward expansion.’
    • ‘Structurally, it is a south-westward extension of Scotland, separated by the North Channel of the Irish Sea.’