Definition of south-westerly in English:


adjective & adverb

  • as adjective ‘a south-westerly wind’
    another term for south-west
    as adverb ‘make straight south-westerly from here’
    • ‘The race over a south lake course began in a fresh south-westerly wind, which soon veered to the west and then swung round to the north before virtually dying away altogether.’
    • ‘The day was dry but a strong south-westerly wind persisted all day which made things very difficult for the stall-holders who lined Main Street.’
    • ‘Each house has a traditional stone facade designed to be reminiscent of the older homes in the village; the units face south-westerly and overlook the Boyle river.’
    • ‘The best time to dive here is when the wind blows offshore, but steer clear when the swell of south or south-westerly winds is running onto the beach, because it makes it difficult to get in and out of the water.’
    • ‘With extensive windows, the room enjoys south-westerly views of the Dublin mountains and surrounding countryside.’
    • ‘The south-westerly wind certainly made a very big difference and my time would have been much slower without it as it seemed to push me all the way.’
    • ‘A large picture window takes full advantage of panoramic south-westerly views of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.’
    • ‘The south-westerly monsoon winds bring copious amounts of rain from June onwards.’
    • ‘When milder weather came it came with a strong south-westerly wind.’
    • ‘If the warm, south-westerly wind continued to blow, the rain would have gone by the time he ventured out into Farnescombe Bay.’
    • ‘The McDoualls also began the planting of the shelterbelts of trees that protect the garden from salt-laden winds and south-westerly gales.’
    • ‘The South, the West Country and the Midlands bore the brunt of the weather, but the rain - driven by gale-force south-westerly winds - caused river levels in Yorkshire to rise rapidly.’
    • ‘Foinavon's large south-westerly garden is not overlooked.’
    • ‘In November 2000 they set off for a five-day training run and found themselves crewing the boat into the teeth of a force eight south-westerly gale.’
    • ‘Bishop Rock, off the Scilly Isles, is Britain's most south-westerly Atlantic outpost, with a long history of wrecked shipping and ravaged lighthouses.’
    • ‘The Atlantic that laps the southern shore of this most south-westerly corner of Europe is nearly always calm.’
    • ‘I was worried that the wind and water would take me in a south-westerly direction and I would therefore have to pass perilously close to 50 miles of coastline.’
    • ‘On 13th July, the Endeavour left Tahiti and headed south-westerly, charting New Zealand.’
    • ‘Features include a paved corner patio with south-westerly aspect and garden shed.’
    • ‘The county is currently enjoying a warm spell, brought on by light south-westerly winds, which has even prompted some people to go back into their summer wardrobe.’


  • ‘a cold and vicious south-westerly’
    another term for southwester
    • ‘Other life included a family of German walkers, a mountain biker, and a flock of racing pigeons that skimmed the heather to mitigate a strong south-westerly.’
    • ‘Ireland has a maritime climate with mild winters and warm summers thanks to prevailing south-westerlies and the Gulf Stream.’
    • ‘Because of the prevailing south-westerlies in the exposed Baie de Seine, we stayed in sheltered waters nearer shore until ready to dive.’
    • ‘It was a great night on the beach, a warm south-westerly blowing on shore, a canopy of stars, excellent buffet and, of course, rivers of reds, whites, beer, soft drinks and other libations flowing endlessly.’
    • ‘At home we enjoy perhaps the freshest air in Europe, on the edge of a Gulf Stream peninsula where the prevailing south-westerlies first hit land and dump their moisture after leaving the Gulf of Mexico.’
    • ‘Southerly flow into the monsoon is a continuation of the south-easterly trades of the southern hemisphere, except that they are deflected to the right by the Coriolis force in the northern hemisphere to become south-westerlies.’
    • ‘The Thai players from various provinces fought off some strong challenges from a big contingent of European entries, as well as rain storms, intense heat and strong south-westerlies - all in the day's play.’
    • ‘It's true what they say about the sunny south-east - because Ireland's hills soak up moisture from prevailing south-westerlies, it really is a good deal brighter and drier here.’
    • ‘Conditions varied from steady 10-12 knot south-westerlies to almost dead calm, interspersed with vicious rain-squalls out of the south - typical Monsoon weather in the northern Gulf at this time of the year.’
    • ‘True, the south-westerlies and ground-swells which had scared me out of the water in September had only recently abated, but visibility was now 10m, and the fish life was starting to re-awaken.’
    • ‘Much will depend on the wind conditions which are expected to be light-to-moderate south-westerlies, suiting the smaller Asian frames.’
    • ‘The Cobras probably failed to capitalise fully on winning the toss as the strong south-westerly which blew all day, drew whatever sting there was from the pitch.’
    • ‘There was an 18 to 20 knot south-westerly blowing.’
    • ‘A barely perceptible south-westerly helped Doug and Joyce to the mark, well ahead of Miles and Cathy.’
    • ‘Will the south-westerly, which has been blowing strongly and steadily in Pattaya the past two weeks, stay?’
    • ‘By starting time there was a moderate south-westerly and Pilgrim got away to a good start chased all the way by Liberty.’
    • ‘Kitting up in the small well of a crowded hardboat, in a strong swell with a south-westerly blowing, was difficult.’