Definition of south-easterly in English:


adverb & adjective

  • as adjective ‘south-easterly winds’
    another term for south-east
    as adverb ‘the route turns south-easterly’
    • ‘The barrier was closed by the authorities around noon on Monday after strong south-easterly winds and a high tide led to safety fears.’
    • ‘These generally move in a south-easterly direction, and each one typically has a life span of several days.’
    • ‘With the aircraft at a height of about 320 ft on a south-easterly heading in fine weather, workers on the drilling rig heard a loud bang.’
    • ‘It lives to the right-hand side of the arch as you come from a south-easterly direction.’
    • ‘Within Plymouth Sound, the breakwater guarantees diving in all conditions apart from strong south and south-easterly winds.’
    • ‘Prospective purchasers will be impressed by the potential offered by the rear garden which measures 91 feet by 36 feet and has a south-easterly aspect.’
    • ‘The south-easterly facing garden measures 212 feet by 82 feet and could easily house another property, subject to planning permission.’
    • ‘We are benefiting from a nice south-easterly wind blowing in from over the warm continent.’
    • ‘There was a fresh east, south-easterly wind which took me towards land.’
    • ‘The walks depart in a south-easterly direction to Mount Leinster, which, if the weather continues to remain fine will offer wonderful views of the Galtees, Slievenamon and the Wicklow Mountains.’
    • ‘They were heading in a south-easterly direction from New Orleans, Louisiana, following the Mississippi river towards the Gulf of Mexico.’
    • ‘It was a hot, cloudless and humid day, 27 degrees centigrade, with a light south-easterly wind.’
    • ‘Most diving takes place on the north side due to the prevailing south-easterly winds, and most of the sites are within easy reach.’
    • ‘Strong south-easterly winds had created huge swells, but having travelled a long way to explore these gardens, we would not be defeated.’
    • ‘The persistent heavy rain and south-easterly winds made thing very unpleasant for everyone, especially the first part of the day.’
    • ‘The Turks and Caicos Islands, which stand at the south-easterly tip of the Bahamian archipelago, are the heads of huge limestone columns that rise from a 7000 ft depth of deep blue ocean, just cutting the water's surface.’
    • ‘This goes in a south-easterly direction and was used for horse racing in the 19th century.’
    • ‘The sea was rough and choppy, and a south-easterly wind, steadily on the increase, made the fishermen's task ever more dangerous.’
    • ‘The fire began at about 3pm on Thursday and gradually spread in south-easterly winds.’
    • ‘The 44-foot long and 54-foot wide lawned rear garden has a south-easterly orientation and is wonderfully private thanks to high perimeter hedging.’


  • ‘the wind has increased to a gentle south-easterly’
    another term for southeaster
    • ‘Throughout that Cape summer, as the prevailing south-easterlies blew long and warm from the Indian Ocean, they enjoyed a sybaritic life.’
    • ‘A light south-easterly was forecast for the Sunday's Royal Windermere Yacht Club Flying Fifteen race in the Spring Series.’
    • ‘Roaring south-easterlies of 35 knots and mountainous swells of about six metres during the 24 hours since Wednesday were hammering the yachts.’
    • ‘The winds will be a light south-westerly turning light south-easterly in the afternoon, which all bodes well for a good day's surfing.’
    • ‘These airstreams then turn northwards to the north of the Equator and meet the southern hemisphere south-easterlies in a trough zone south of the Equator.’
    • ‘The worst heat had gone from the sun and a south-easterly had picked up.’
    • ‘A fickle, south to south-easterly created problems in setting a common course for the two mass starts for dinghies and keel boats.’