Definition of souterrain in English:



  • An underground chamber or passage.

    • ‘Irish houses, moreover, were now often built in close association with souterrains, stone-lined, underground passages, sometimes as much as 100 metres in length.’
    • ‘The situation in south-west England is broadly comparable to southern Scotland, with rounds (small enclosed homesteads), courtyard houses, and souterrains present, though only one villa has been recognized west of Exeter.’
    • ‘A massive prehistoric underground bunker - or souterrain - has been excavated near Dundee.’
    • ‘The souterrain, a place of underground hiding for local people in the millennium before Christ, was discovered and restored by Keelan and his friends.’
    • ‘A sketch was made of the souterrain and it was found to be about 52 feet long.’


Mid 18th century: from French, from sous ‘under’ + terre ‘earth’.