Definition of sourveld in English:



mass nounSouth African
  • Land covered with coarse vegetation, or the vegetation itself.

    • ‘The sweetveld is found mainly in the eastern plains, whereas the sourveld is limited to the western regions.’
    • ‘Sweetveld is palatable veld and sourveld is unpalatable veld (particularly in the winter).’
    • ‘This veld type is a recent amalgamation of Acock's northeastern mountain sourveld, Piet Retief sourveld, and northeastern sandy highveld.’
    • ‘The distribution of sweet- and sourveld does not seem to determined by base status itself, but by the concentration of phosphorous and the size of the eady mineralizable nitrogen pool in the soil.’
    • ‘On the second day participants traveled by bus through the north eastern mountain sourveld where extensive eucalyptus and pine plantations cover huge tracts of the Mpumalanga uplands.’


Partial translation of South African Dutch zuurveld.