Definition of soursop in English:



  • 1A large acidic custard apple with white fibrous flesh.

    • ‘Guava, soursop, and mango are eaten, along with mamey and mesple.’
    • ‘The soursop, as its name suggests, is more acid than its relations, but the acidity varies and the pulp of some fruits can be eaten raw.’
    • ‘Made from the gentle, distinctive soursop, it could be the new summer cooler of choice.’
    • ‘For several weeks afterward the no-name man got up around 3 a.m. each day to harvest grapefruits, oranges, soursop and so on, from trees that he had not planted.’
    • ‘Fruits like the star-apple, the soursop, the five-finger, the pomerac, the papaya, make a delicate feast for discerning palates.’
  • 2The evergreen tropical American tree which bears soursops.

    Annona muricata, family Annonaceae

    • ‘Lianas and tree ferns tangled above thickets of bougainvillaea and Night Flowering Cereus: on either side rose great cathedrals of tamarind, buttressed by bushes of nutmeg and spandrels of soursop.’