Definition of sourness in English:



  • See sour

    • ‘For instance, a little sourness from lime or lemon juice in a stir-fry will emphasise saltiness and reduce the amount of salt required.’
    • ‘Sweetened bitterness, such as sugared espresso, for example, satiates the appetite, while savoury sourness, such as hot-and-sour soup, can stimulate hunger and highlight texture.’
    • ‘In traditional Chinese medicine, the pulp and juice of the pomelo, which taste sweet with a hint of sourness, are good for the throat, stomach and spleen.’
    • ‘Earlier, astringency had been considered as one of the primary taste sensations, like sweetness, sourness, and particularly bitterness with which it has often been confused.’
    • ‘It is essential to use the best-quality ingredients for this starter, as the bitterness of a good extra-virgin olive oil and the sourness of the lemon juice bring out the sweet flavour in the fennel.’