Definition of sourcebook in English:



  • A collection of writings and articles on a particular subject, especially one used as a basic introduction to that subject.

    • ‘This configuration of each entry renders the entire sourcebook user-friendly as a reference in selecting texts for a course, and in researching secondary sources for a project.’
    • ‘Nicely produced (although rather poorly illustrated), it will be a useful sourcebook for the burgeoning field of food studies.’
    • ‘The book is intended-and it succeeds admirably-as a sourcebook to inform and inspire mental health, pastoral, and human-service professionals of all disciplines.’
    • ‘These oversights are rather limiting for a text that purports to serve as a sourcebook.’
    • ‘Since these volumes were published, a basic sourcebook of Latin texts has appeared.’
    • ‘So whether you are a technical writer, content coordinator, documentation manager or developer you will definitely find this the ideal sourcebook for you.’
    • ‘Many other sourcebooks, handbooks, manuals, bibliographies, and topical encyclopedias, both general and specific, are available.’
    • ‘As a general primer and sourcebook this will prove useful, but the evolution of American urban design and its consequences demand more insight than is to be found here.’
    • ‘It represents, moreover, one of the best sourcebooks for researchers in cognitive science.’
    • ‘The new edition of this practical sourcebook, first published in 1998, is a deliciously illustrated guide to fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, paints and floor coverings.’
    • ‘For the Greeks, negotiation formed part of rhetoric and Aristotle's manual is still an important sourcebook.’
    • ‘What's the purpose of publishing a great industry sourcebook like we have this month if we don't continue to support the efforts of vocational masonry instructors and the success of their programs.’
    • ‘The book is strongest as a compelling and thorough sourcebook on the multiple ways in which Americans have historically crossed racial borders in their professional, social and personal lives.’
    • ‘A comprehensive sourcebook for the highly influential postwar development in American art, this book presents key texts from the movement as well as a wide selection of illustrations.’
    • ‘Consider Architectural Graphic Standards, a sourcebook for design and construction details first published in 1932.’
    • ‘The revision of the 1983 edition enhanced an already solid sourcebook, and it will continue to be a collection used by many seminary students.’
    • ‘All the information we have about its content derives from later commentators who heavily relied on it as a model and sourcebook.’
    • ‘So, when I finished my lunch I had a poke around in the philosophy section, looking for a good but not too heavy sourcebook.’
    • ‘A complete revision of the 1987 edition, the sourcebook provides information on new value-added uses for corn, genetic modifications of corn, popcorn and ornamental corn, and mycotoxins in corn.’
    • ‘And although it is a bit costly and fairly heavy even in paperback, it is a potentially useful sourcebook for teaching.’