Definition of soundly in English:



  • 1In a way that is secure and reliable.

    ‘their houses were soundly built’
    • ‘Good design is a timeless concept, exemplified best by an object that is soundly manufactured and beautiful, and works efficiently for its purposes.’
    • ‘The overall structure of the enclosure is sufficiently rigid and soundly constructed.’
    • ‘A hollow sound indicates that the veneer is not fixed soundly and further work is required.’
    • ‘Deck hardware is soundly attached with stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers and either aluminium or fibreglass backing plates for distributing loads.’
    • ‘The government directive was for soundly made furniture of the best available materials and of pleasant design.’
  • 2In a way that is based on valid reason or good judgement.

    ‘there is soundly based reason for optimism’
    ‘soundly deduced scientific research’
    • ‘When Parliament passes legislation as important as this, the wording should be more properly and soundly thought through.’
    • ‘I would think that people would prefer media that soundly analyzes what they're writing about, rather than drawing unhelpful analogies.’
    • ‘Soundly considered, the school would have served a better purpose if the number of failures was reducing and not as hyper-increasing as it is currently.’
    • ‘Take the time and make the investment to get a good lawyer and accountant to set you up in your business soundly.’
    • ‘The student has now acquired sufficient knowledge to be able to soundly judge the infinitely more complex matter of a human life.’
  • 3(with reference to sleep) deeply and without disturbance.

    ‘I slept soundly for the first time since I've been here’
    • ‘Whether or not the driver was exaggerating, the young man didn't sleep soundly that night.’
    • ‘Inside this motel room, thousands have slept restlessly or soundly, showered hot or showered cold, tuned to channel 1 or channel 7.’
    • ‘A safety net of finances makes us feel more secure about our family's welfare, and it can help us sleep soundly at night, too!’
    • ‘That soundbite is just the sort of message that will send Middle America off to sleep soundly in its bed.’
    • ‘While in a state of mesmeric sleep, he said that, yes, he was asleep but would rather sleep more soundly.’
  • 4In a thorough or decisive manner.

    ‘Jim was soundly defeated by his old opponent’
    • ‘Forecasts of a growth pickup have been soundly dashed over the past two years.’
    • ‘Backtrack now to the point at which the impressively recalcitrant Bilbo is being soundly berated by Gandalf.’
    • ‘His first application to film school at Concordia was soundly rejected.’
    • ‘In the sequel, we are delivered a narrative which soundly reinforces this ideal throughout.’
    • ‘I had been soundly trounced at the last two poker games I had organised—by people I had taught how to play, no less.’