Definition of soundclash in English:



  • 1A head-to-head competition between DJs.

    • ‘The television trails depict a soundclash taking place between the DJs.’
    • ‘There's another soundclash on the Sunday, which takes the total number of soundsystems in Wellington for the weekend to six - a remarkable turnout for this underground genre.’
    • ‘A great opportunity to catch an adventurous, cutting-edge soundclash in a great space: $5 at the door.’
    • ‘Whether it's hip-hop or house, dancehall or drum 'n' bass, original or classic, a good soundclash will be quite unlike any other forms of musical battling.’
    • ‘Designed to toast the coming of summer, this all-day outdoor soundclash features two stages dedicated to the best of breakbeats and reggae with a healthy side of bring-your-own barbecue.’
  • 2A piece of popular music that features a mixture or clash of very different styles.

    • ‘The lead single is a raw soundclash of electro breaks, punked-up guitar riffs and a French-versed / English-hooked lyric.’
    • ‘It's a heady soundclash of styles, beats, breaks and funky basslines.’
    • ‘With their baroque pop melodies muddied by doses of drone and distortion, the duo also succeed in creating a stylish - if unoriginal - soundclash between gorgeous, melodic reverie and strung-out, noise-ridden tension.’